Friday, March 9, 2012

Bananas and Peanut Butter

I think something awesome is going to happen soon because I've had some not so good days recently.
Well... false. That sounds ungrateful. And that is not accurate.
I am grateful for...
My Mommy's successful hand surgery this morning.
Even having a job. (Work isn't being very kind to me at the moment.)
Friends and Color Me Mine. (I can't wait to show you my latest creation!)
Bananas and peanut butter.
and Spring break next week.
And that's barely skimming the surface!
However, answer me this, universe: why is it that when I am given multiple life-changing opportunities, my life feels more restricted than it ever has before?
I will reveal all in due time but for now, decisions, decisions, decisions!
...I suppose I better get crackin'!


  1. I am grateful for you and that you are my sister!

  2. All of us, even we optimists and I feel I am basically an optimist, sometimes gets down and even though we think of our blessings, which are many, such as you mentioned, we are still perplexed why we don't feel better. I don't have an answer, even with my 79 years, but I do know that this do will pass away and you will feel that all is right with your world! (Plus prayer and meditation have also helped me a lot.)
    Love you,
    Grandpa Agle