Friday, March 30, 2012

Best Buddies Palooza! Allred

Remember my post yesterday on Best Buddies Palooza featuring The Whits?
If you don't, you can click HERE to read it.
Ladies and gents, it's now time to feature the beautiful Allred.
(Gee gash if he ever reads my blog he's going to think I am one gigantic creeper!
But watch the video and I know you'll agree. )
He is also a main act at my sister's benefit concert that she has organized.
It's going to be such a fantastic show!

On another note, I just want to take a minute to publicly recognize my sister, Dano, who has almost single handedly organized this benefit concert (with the exception of my Papa who has helped a great amount as well).
Have you guys ever met Dano? She's teeny tiny.
If I had to guess, she doesn't particularly want me to share her height and weight but just picture a little person.
Got that?
Now, once you have that image of a small-framed human in your head, add two tons of joy to it. And that's Danielle!
She is the most up-beat and positive person I know, but despite all that, she has faced some mighty challenges putting on this concert! She would never talk about them or throw anybody under the bus but I will. (I am the defensive and protective sister in this family and proud of it. Don't mess with my fam bam.) There are some not so pleasant people out there who don't mind getting in the way of something good! Wha???
Nevertheless, Danielle was able to break down those barriers and conquer it all.

There's a concert on April 7th at the Provo High Auditorium at 7pm.
100% of the funds are going to help children in need and Danielle is the reason for all that.
You won't regret it.
And it'll be a fun night for all.

You can buy your tickets at the door or conveniently online HERE.
I'll see ya there.

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