Sunday, March 4, 2012

Want to be Mr. UVU?

Today I finally did it.
Ya know, that thing everybody does at least once in their lifetime.
That embarrassing, yet inevitable experience that is causing my face to flush at this very moment.
Let me start from the beginning though...
This morning, after drinking an entire Nalgene after my communications class I really, really had to go to the bathroom. (TMI?) On my way to power yoga, I saw a sign that said, RESTROOMS. Grateful, I quickly turned the corner and entered the bathroom. It was empty so I got to pick any stall I wanted. (It was like Christmas!) Once I did that, I turned around and locked the door only to see the following sign on the back of the stall door that said, "Want to be Mr. UVU?"
Ummm what?
I rushed out the stall only to find that around the corner were urinals.
And with that, I literally booked it out of the bathroom and didn't look back.

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