Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bears and Bees

searching for a differnt kind of service...

At girls camp, there wasn't much reception. I was a bad person and I brought my cell phone. But listen. I can't survive without it. And neither can you. So please, do not be a cell phone hater, or a me hater for that matter, just embrace it.

Moving on! I did find a couple of hot spots where I was able to get one or just half of a bar of service. One of those places was my friend's bunk bed who was in another ward. As you can imagine, I liked to visit that ward/cabin/bunk a lot. Another place there was reception was a pile of rocks down the road a bit. This is where all the leaders "took walks". False. They wanted to check their messages too.

My Mommy is in the Young Women's and when she needed service, my cell phone and I liked to accompany her.

In one situation, it was dinner time and my Mom wanted to go back to the camp site and eat. But I wasn't finished texting my friends and family. After a lot of pleading and begging, my Mom let me stay at the rocks while she went up. Thank you Mama! When she left, I realized I was going to get in A LOT of trouble if someone found me, by myself, with my phone, at camp. So, I had a brilliant idea to hide in the bushes behind the rocks. Not all bushes get service you know, so I had to find the perfect one. I finally did and sat down.

A few minutes later I heard voices. I immediately laid face down on the ground so no one would see me. Of course, this particular day, I was wearing a white shirt. So not camoflauge... The voices came nearer. As I listened, I heard one man and two women talking about the search for a BEAR. That's right a BEAR. They thought one was around the area.

That's awesome. I'm in a bush.

The voices got closer and closer and I was not breathing. If they found me, I would be toast. I am a Laurel! This is my last year at camp! I should know better! Etc. Then I would run the risk of my phone getting taken away and getting kicked out of camp. How 'limp' would that be? (Limp aka Lame. Established by Bekki and Marly. Pass it on.)

So picture this. I'm lying face down on the ground, not moving a muscle and hoping I'm invisible when I hear the buzz of a bee. I slowly lift my eyes to see a big fat one coming towards me. If my heart wasn't racing beforehand, it was deffinitely going by now. I'm allergic... deathly allergic. But I couldn't move! I couldn't decide what was worse, being killed by a bee or being chastened by the camp leaders. They both seemed so dismal.

As I was trying to decide what to do, I compromised, knowing my cover could be blown, and began to blow on my arm, quick huffs, hoping it wouldn't annoy the bee too badly so that it would sting me, but just enough for it to make it feel unwelcome and find another arm to chill at.

By some great miracle, the bee flew away. By another great miracle, the 3 scary camp leaders went on a different path to look for the bear else where! Can I hear a glory, glory hallelujah! Glory, glory hallelujah!

As soon as I could no longer hear the leaders or the bumble bee, I jumped up, brushed the leaves out of my hair, and ran like Pocahontas to dinner. It was definitely karma and I never went back to the bushes again.