Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mall Scavenger Hunt...

.... I have ALWAYS wanted to do one. And guess what? I did.

Where have I been this past week? That is a very good question. It's been quite sometime since I have blogged. Weird.... however, in case you were wondering, I have been keeping busy.... well, summer type stuff busy. For example, a few of my friends and I went on a mall scavenger hunt. Here it is in a nut shell...

take a picture with a stuffed animal from the Disney store.
that one was tricky. there's no photography allowed in there. you think they'd be nicer about it- I mean, it's Disney people- but nope!
take a picture in a bathroom stall.
take a picture hiding behind a bush.
mary and I went the extra mile and hid INSIDE a tree... one for little children, but still.
take a picture asking someone for the time.
stuart asked for the time in a clock shop. they were thrilled.
take a picture wearing a hat with a feather.
we think we're so clever....
take a picture wearing a cowboy hat.
this store was tricky too. we had to hide like ninjas/pirates/spies.
take a picture giving a baby a piggy back ride.
we compromised. I don't know how anyone could do this one with a real child. "Excuse me miss, may I, a complete and total stranger, take a picture with your child as I dangerously hold him/her on my back? ps. I'm kind of a weakling so I may drop your bundle of joy. I'm just sayin..."
take a picture wearing a feather boa.
mary's mocking me.take a picture in a high chair.
"Excuse me mam, there's a weight limit."
take a picture laying on a bench.
super, super fun.
take a picture wearing an orange tie.
the bunny goes around the tree and in the bunny hole... wha?!?
take a picture wearing the ugliest prom dress you can find.
may I just point out that when the girls were ready to leave the store, the boys were not ready to leave as they were looking through the bridal magazines and picking out their favorite dresses... just keep that in mind.
take a picture purchasing a gum ball.
thank you mary for donating 25 cents to the cause.
take a picture wearing a red heel.
I like shoes. Too much.
take a picture wearing a pair of sunglasses.
strike a pose my friend.
take a picture wearing a tiara.

Good day at the mall.

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  1. I love scavenger hunts! That prom dress looked like an ugly costume I had to wear once:)