Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Luise Patchy Smith

the stars of the following tale...
from L to R: Erin, Stuart, Curtis.
they like to squint in pictures sometimes.
i find it very amusing.

The adventures of July 21st 2000 and 10 go a little something like this....

My day started at 8:30am but didn't offically "start-start" until 1:00pm when I went over to my girlie twirlie's casa where we were going to swim in her blow up pool. I had never seen it but she had mentioned that her sister and herself enjoyed swimming in it on hot summer days. When Erin first showed it to me, she told me not to worry, 'it gets bigger when you blow it up.' Then we used the air pump to blow it up and it didn't exactly get too much bigger. It was what I'd call a 'tween' pool. It was bigger than a kiddie pool but not exactly and 'adult' pool. But it could fit three teenagers sitting up straight (Curtis came a little later) with legs crossed or out stretched, or two teenagers laying down. (Erin and I tried that for a little bit.)

About half way through our kiddie pool session, we brought out the 'Crazy Daisy'. It was so amazing, it changed my life. It's a plastic daisy which you can hook up to the hose and when you turn it on... it goes crazy! It sprays the entire universe and it was quite thrilling and lovely.

After the Crazy Daisy adventure, I did not want to go back into the freezing, hose water pool, go figure. So guess what? My "good" friend Curtis picked me up on his SHOULDER and carried me to the water. "Good" friend? "Good" friend?! Well actually he was a very good friend because he didn't end up dunking me. Thank you Curtis. Thank you very much.

A noodle fight and a whole bag of Cool Ranch chips devoured later, we went down the street and paid 25 cents each to see the 'Gnarly Neighbors'. They are a local band, it was their first show and I think they have a good looking future ahead of them. They may or may not have been 5 and 6 but what does that matter? They sang an original song, probably called 'Vampires Suck Your Blood Yah Yah Yah.' It was absolutely splendid.

Unfortunately, Erin then had mutual to attend and so Curtis and I decided to go pay a visit to our bud Stuart. However, our bud Stuart was grounded so we were going to break him out of his house!!! We started by creepin in the windows... one by one... looking for him... but no luck. (By the way, don't you worry that what we were doing was border line breaking the law. It's all good.) We decided that Stuart was probably not home but that he would probably be back shortly so what did we do? We sat under his dining room window on his porch and played with our new found stuffed animal, Luise Patchy Smith. Patchy because he only had one eye. Smith because you really can't go wrong with Smith and Luise because... well why not? It was quite exciting. You can read Stuart's version of this story HERE. But don't judge us...

Shall I tell you the rest very, very quickly so I don't bore you? Okay sounds good to me. After that we found out Stuart had been at his home the entire time, whoops, talked to him for a bit and then took him to his softball game. Then Curtis and I went up the Provo Canyon, looking for THE ROCK. I am sorry to tell you we did not find THE ROCK but we did enjoy a very lovely nature walk and nearly fixed a broken pay phone.

We wrapped the night up by going back to Stuart's game and watching his home run that probably won his team the game. BASICALLY, what I'm trying to say is that gosh dang it, my friends are studs and I am grateful for them.

The end.

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