Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blog 4 times (I'm serious)

Best friend #1 (numbers are irrelevant) has dance camp today.
Best friend #2's brother is coming home today from an LDS mission. Congratulations!
Best friend #3 is going camping.

I on the other hand am planning on having a Friends marathon and eating what seems to be an endless supply of bananas and peanut butter. But here is what best friend #3 has told me to do via facebook message this morning:

So I've come up with a few things for you to do today:

1. Listen to Narrow Stairs by Death Cab
2.Make a good breakfast.
3. Make a mix of your favorite dance worthy songs and DANCE yourself out!! (I'm serious)
4. Blog 4 times. (I'm serious)
5. Come up with an outfit that is really, really clashy/not matching and take a picture.
6. Watch some Friends.
7. Listen to Phil Collins' song "In the Air Tonight" all the way and crank it loud.
8. Make a funny video with you sister.

There you go. I expect to see some results when I get home.

Alrighty, Stuart! It's on!!!!!!
ps. I'm very excited for our chick flick marathon tomorrow. It's pay back for leaving me.
pps. Thanks for the list. You're very kind to save me from the bananas...

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