Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I did it! Let it be known to the world that I did everything on my to do list today and it was magnificent! I improved (as in, make up on the spot, not get better) to several songs like Stuart said to and it was lovely. Improv is always a challenge to me but it gave me a few ideas for the new school year for lovely, lovely

Also, Kate and I made a 'funny video'. It is currently saving to my computer and shall be posted shortly. But just know, it is DONE. Filmed and edited. It is called, 'We are both... Steve'. It's quite witty actually. I'm very proud of us. (Holy braggy... what can I say? It's late and this is my 4th blog of the day. Goodness me!)

In conclusion (how official does that sound), I would like to thank my pal, Stuart for being so kind and truly knowing what I would like to do and find enjoyable. I think that says a lot about our friendship bud. As Mar would say, 'You rock. Never change. HAGS.' But is it ridiculous to say, I truly do mean that? Because I do.

Stuart the stud himself.
'A is for Alex' '... Atlanta'

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