Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Guess what I'm doing right now? I am listening to Narrow Stairs by Death Cab for Cutie. And here are my thoughts as I sit here and ponder the music...

Track 1: Bixby Canyon Bridge
  • Bixby… bixby. I shall name my first child that.
  • Love the intro. So peaceful.
  • All the way from San Francisco? Wow. You’re legit.
  • Oh wait. Here's the hardcore stuff. I can say that I did see this one coming.
  • Dun dun dun dun. Dun dun dun dun.
  • Try headbanging that fast. It’s painful.
  • Is he humming or just breathing really, really loud? Whatever it is, please stop, I feel like I am imposing on your exercise routine.
  • I feel so… hip. Hey my name’s Sasha and I listen to Death Cab. S’up? Do you want my digits?
  • Is that a scream?! What? No. Say it isn’t so. Screaming is bad for your vocal cords.
  • Okay please shut your pie hole. It’s scaring me now.

Track 2: I Will Possess Your Heart
  • Creepy title. What the???
  • When's the singing going to start?
  • Still no vocals... I'm very confused.
  • Congratulations. This song wins the award for longest intro EVER. I want to hear singing!!!
  • 4.33!!! Oh my goodness! There are actually some lyrics!
  • Wait a second... I think I've heard this song before. I lied, I'm sorry Stuart! I am not completely and totally DCFC (death cab for cutie) uneducated. But I pretty much am...
  • Speaking of their name... isn't 'cutie' kind of femmy? I'm just sayin.
  • Don't you know you gotta spend some time, love. you gotta spend some time with me???? Helloooo people. Duh. ps. I will possess your heart.
  • I actually really kind of like this song... don't read too much into that please.

Track 3: No Sunlight
  • If this is another long intro I'm going to shoot myself in the foot.
  • OH MY! yay! Vocals.
  • I really, really like his voice.
  • I've never seen what he looks like but if I had to guess... he's tall, blond, skinny- a little scraggly but he has a cute sense about him. I bet he wears girl jeans...
  • This song has quite the clever chorus. "No Sunlight. No Sunlight. jam jam jam No Sunlight. No Sunlight. etc... "
  • That song souned happy but it's actually quite sad. Everyone loves sunlight! And if you don't, move to Seattle. Or Forks! Say hi to whiny pants Bella for me.

Track 4: Cath...
  • Cath what? Cath... eter? Ugh gross. Please no.
  • Oh. Is Cath a name?
  • I'm listening to the lyrics very hard... so hard it's hurting my brain and I still can't figure out what 'Cath' is.
  • Oooh oooh! Maybe it's short for Cathy! I know one Cathy. She is beautiful. (ps that is the most random shout out EVER. Sorry if that creeped you out a wee bit Cathy.)

Track 5: Talking Bird
  • I want a talking bird. I'd teach it to say french swear words. KIDDING!!! But I would teach it French though... only clean nice words. Like, 'Bonjour!' and 'J'taime!' and 'Tu es tres, tres bell!" Awww stop it, I'm blusing.
  • This song is very melancholy. Is that the right word? Maybe.... I don't think I know the true definition of melancholy.
  • I Just looked it up. says… mel•an•chol•y [mel-uh n-kol-ee] Show IPA noun, plural -chol•ies, adjective –noun 1. a gloomy state of mind, esp. when habitual or prolonged; depression. 2. sober thoughtfulness; pensiveness. 3. Archaic . a. the condition of having too much black bile, considered in ancient and medieval medicine to cause gloominess and depression.
  • Did he just say your feathers are fatter than fur?
  • That song makes me sad. Thanks a bunch DCFC.

Track 6: You can do better than me
  • You better be happy or else I will cut you.
  • I like the tambourine.
  • His high notes are cute.
  • I feel like this song would be featured in 500 Days of Summer
  • You fall in love EVERY DAY?! Holy cow! I don’t think that’s love you’re talking about… maybe it is though. I’m only 17. That’s
  • You can do better than me, but I can’t do better than you
  • I love the piano. Just keep it acoustic from now on. Thanksabunch.
  • Ahhh! Cutest song eva!!! Loves right now.

Track 7: Grapevine Fires
  • I’d like to see a Grapevine Fire.
  • The grapevine was my favorite in step aerobics. I’m really good at the right side… the left side though. Woah. Now that’s tricky.
  • Are we over? No. Please don’t sing sad songs, I’m not in a sad mood right now. I am in a weird one though, in case you can’t tell. Maybe it’s because all my besties have ditched me today!!!!! My apologies. I have composed myself. I am back.
  • I seriously LOVE his high notes! They’re so sweet and innocent.
  • The swirlies on my windows media player are super cool right now.
  • Hmmm. 3.2 stars.
Track 8: Your New Twin Sized Bed
  • Fun. But I wouldn’t get a new twin, I’d get a new king! Go big or go home.
  • I don’t understand all these analogies. Why are they so deep?
  • Was that vibrato or was he a wee bit nervous… maybe he needs a glass of water. Shaken or stirred?
  • You look so defeated lyin there in your new twin size bed. Nuf’ said. Look, I can rhyme too.

Track 9: Long Division
  • I hate long divison. I hate short division. I hate division…. I’m a multiplication kinda girl.
  • I like this song. That’s all I have to say about that comment. Weird.
  • Wait. I take it back. To be a remain, remain, remainder. NO REMAINDERS. Math problems should come out even.
  • This song reminds me of Mr. C’s class last year! Please, no!!!! I can’t take it. Say no to mathematics. Why can’t I get an A on a math test or homework assignment? Why can’t I get a B for that matter… shhh.
  • “Mama! I’m dumb!!!” – that one’s for you Katie.

Track 10: Pity and Fear
  • Why is a stranger lying next to you? Oh wait… I remember now. K folks. If a stranger is lying next to you, my advice is to run. Fast. Say no to strangers. Especially lying ones.
  • Another high note. Yes!!!
  • This feels like a tribal war dance song. Not really but use your imagination.
  • Cap-siz-ing. Good. That’s how I’m going to say that word from now on.
  • Oh. This reminds me of ‘Medicine Man’ by The Hush Sound. Or is it Hush Sounds? Either way, I think it’s just the beat that resemble each other. Aren’t you proud of me Stuart? The inner percussionist is coming out. I should be a drummer. I have such incredible rhythm. I’m not a white child at all…
  • Ah! My mom’s new phone just went off and scared me. It sounds like a Japanese village. Complete with running water and a sweet little melody I would hear from Mulan. That was strange. I did not see that one coming.
  • I’m having a hard time near the end here. There’s too much chaos. I need to hear organization or else I tune out.
  • Did it just abruptly stop or was that my CD?

Track 11: The ice is getting thinner
  • I think I’m going to like this one.
  • Who’s good? I am. I like it.
  • I feel like I’d listen to this song after a break up as I drank my shot glass of… milk.
  • Holy Hannah. Your high notes sir. ‘Nuf said.
  • I can picture this DCFC man sitting on a stool, closing his eyes as he sings into his microphone…. Can you?
  • Shortest song ever.
  • Oh wait! False alarm. There’s more.
  • Poor guy. Did he write this from personal experience? I should make him edible cookie dough and lend him a banana and peanut butter. I have plenty.
  • Congratulations. The last song on your CD made me sad. Or should I say melancholy? I can officially use that word now…
Final Thoughts!!! I’d give it a solid B. Maybe a B+. Thank you Stuart. That was fun. Let’s do it again, soon. Oh wait! Let’s not do it again soon so you don’t abandon me for a mountain! Kidding… kind of.
DCFC. Wait... where's the blond, skinny one named Jude?

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