Wednesday, June 1, 2011

we are the ONES.

Ladies and gentleman! Boys and girls! I, Alexandra, graduated with honors, an overall GPA of 3.9, and three letters, from high school on May 26, 2011. YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!! And what do I have to show for it? This little baby:

Boo-yah. I am overjoyed just thinking about it. It was an intersting ride, but a wonderful one at that. I'd like to thank all my wonderful teachers I've ever had, as well as my fellow peers who I have been honored to meet.

Many pictures were taken at the ceremony. Here are just a few...
ps. because the senior class of 2011 is AWESOME, we had a flash mob at the end of our graduation. don't know what that is? no worries, i will post a video shortly:)

this picture was featured in the newspaper! brooke is using MY mirror, and whose blonde streak is that? MINE! i'm famous, ma!
baby cakes, chris.
oh and in case you were wonderin, the valedictorian is in the back.

i've known this girl since the second day of freshman year. thanks for everything, brooke.

AMOS. loves.deej and deej. who woulda thought?

anne and kate.

this is jemi. she is THEE nicest person i know.

aww lyssa. i literally just said 'aww' out loud. you have been there for me when nobody else has. thank you friend.


sarah darling. lunch buddies? yes please.

dear vernsy, remember how i was the first person to ever call you that?:)
you're amazing. don't ever forget it.
ps. we better stay friends forever and ever and ever and ever.

even when you're crazy famous and rich. k? k thanks.

(L-R, Back-Top)

brownwen, rachel, sarah, mary, moi

kristy, vanessa
i love my crabbe.

a cappella singing during the ceremony. (i'm on the front row... on the right.)

Aubseroni. Supported me as president this entire year. Thanks girlie.

chan, me, janie, brookie.

past, present, and future

janie, brookie, me, chris

just past and present this time.

janie is alumni from last year.

the best alumni in my opinion...

old folks.

Roxy and Miguel.

Thank you SO much for coming!

That's real kindness.

my family and friends are so cute.

they gave me presents!

i wasn't even expecting it.

family. thanks for stikin with me these past 13 years.

love you.

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