Friday, June 3, 2011

peechas. prom and senior ball.

Remember when I told you I'd share Prom and Senior Ball pictures ASAPERS? Well the time has come! Let me share with you pictures from two of the funnest nights in my entire high school career...

ps. thanks again to my wonderful dates, deej and curbs!

Senior Ball: May 13th
presh. don't you agree?
the pretty girls.
the (massive) group.aww so picture perfect.

Orem Prom: April 30th
marigold and teal. it TOTALLY worked.
i've always loved these awkward holding hands pictures. curbs is such a good sport to oblige me.
i know this is going to sound braggy so i'm sorry but i really do love this picture of the two of us.
the boys. HOT.

such a happy group.

last but not least, my personal favorite, the model shot. oh baby.

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