Sunday, June 12, 2011


Okay. One last post about May I believe. And here it is: (oh and I'll make it fast because I'm sure you're all ridiculously bored with my, 'living in the past-ness'... so here we go.)

Ya know how Mr. C's birthday was at the end of May? Well a couple of his friends and I planned a surprise party for him. And it was so fun! Why? Because I've never planned a surprise party before! I felt like I was on the party planning committee from The Office. Hopefully I was Pam and not Angela or Phyllis... wowie. Anyway! I failed and didn't take pictures at the party. But we took some afterward... it's the thought that counts right? And here it is...

me and the birthday boy.

It would appear I am not very good at taking pictures of myself (and others)... pity.

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