Thursday, June 30, 2011

say yes to the dress

Yesterday, Katie, Dano, and I, went dress shopping... And I took lots of pictures. I want to document this whole experience. Why? Because I love weddings! So very much. And I'm kind of living through her I guess you could say....

Here are a few of the dresses she tried on. (However, the one she's leaning towards in not pictured because I believe the dress should be a surprise for all to see on her magical day! Ah! I am seriously so, so happy for her! I cannot wait for you all to see it and it's not even my wedding!)

Also, please know that though the dresses you are about to see are immodest, the idea was that they would be built up to have sleeves and a higher neckline... just in case you were wondering...

Katie's best friend, Bree, works at Avenia Bridal, where we went to try on dresses.

This dress was my favorite. It had a bow! And pockets!

Ah so fairy tale like!

Katie looked like a princess in EVERY dress.

This one was just for fun. But wouldn't it be cute with cowboy boots? Ah swoon. I secretly love all things country. You can call me Taylor Swift... Oh and it'd be alright with me if I married a cowboy.

Pretty flower.

The small details are my favorite parts of wedding dresses.

Beautiful Dano and I looked through lots of magazines while we were waiting for Katie to put them on. It takes quite a long tine ya know...

RUFFLES. I love you. Forever.

Speaking of forever, Katie and Daren have set a date for October 20th. Timpanogas Temple. 10am. We, we so excited.


  1. Again, so jealous. I have never been wedding dress shopping but it just seems like it would be so much fun. I love ruffles too, and she looks absolutely STUNNING in all of these dresses. I love the Tim Temple too- it's beautiful!