Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Voice Recital

Last Monday I had a voice recital. It was nerve racking but I survived. I received a letter from my voice teacher today with pictures included taken by her lovely daughter, Coryn. I first met Coryn on a movie set and we instantly became friends as we sang Wicked together while cleaning out a pit of sand. Classic. She is quite the photographer- that is not a compliment to myself, I will be the first to admit I look scary in these pictures- what can I say, I had stage make up on from the show just an hour before. But thank you, Sister C and Coryn, thank you very much.

I was supposed to have a small index card with my lyrics on them but a few minutes before I went on, I double checked the words I had written down only to find they were the wrong words! Close one Sasha...

The great Coryn herself.

Dear C Family, I really do love you guys.


  1. And you were marvelous! We love you too!

  2. Sasha! You're so cute! I totally remember the day we met and how we sang Wicked. Oh, it was a glorious moment.

    You are the best!

    AND, you sounded amazing at the recital. You are so talented!