Thursday, November 19, 2009

Angry Teachers & Sore Thumbs

My sub in English got mad at me yesterday. Why, do you ask? Well, because I was laughing uncontrollably during silent reading time- but sometimes laughing when you're not supposed to laugh makes you laugh even more... and then you snort, which- come on, makes even the Grinch laugh. Yes, yes. That was me in 2nd period yesterday. But here's what happened:

I was sitting at my table, reading my book, when my friend who sits next to me asked me what happened to my thumb. She had noticed the ginormous band-aids covering my finger. I began to tell her but all that came out was, "Long story short, a dental whitening strip was on my thumb all night." And that's about the exact moment when she started busting up laughing and then what could I do but join in?

My short story sounds like a lie. But it's not. I shall share with you the long story right about, um, now. On Tuesday night, I put in my whitening strips and laid down on my bed. I was so exhausted from doing two shows that day. Guess what? I fell asleep. But it was alright, because I woke up about 20 minutes later and was able to take the strips out, but I was SO exhausted, that I didn't bother to get out of bed to dispose of them. I just put them on my night stand and fell back asleep immediately. (Editors note: I am normally so much more sanitary than this, this is just an exception.) About 4:45 am the next morning, I woke up because my thumb was throbbing. Oh my heavens, it hurt so bad! I did not know why and so I turned on the light to take a look and what was there but a whitening strip! It must have stuck to my finger when I took them out. It had been on my thumb the entire night, and I think you should know, whitening strips are not fake, they actually have something in them because my thumb reacted quite badly to it. It's still tender.

I tell you this story to perhaps comfort you about your own little mishaps. They happen to everyone- I mean hopefully you will never have an incident involving a whitening strip and a thumb but they're everywhere. And I'm here to smile and laugh about them. It makes life so much nicer.


  1. Sasha--
    Ha, Ha so funny!! By-the-way (not John), you sparkled in the operetta.(YOU should have had one of the vocal solos, seriously.)It is not hard to pick you out on stage because you have that special stage presence. Sorry I didn't stay to say hi. I have been so exhausted lately that I have been getting nighttime headaches and needed to get home to bed. Enjoy the other performances and I'll see you at the recital Monday!

  2. Thank you so much for coming Sister Cope, and thank you for your gracious compliments! Also, thank you for the flowers- they were so lovely, as are you! I completely understand that you had to leave promptly so no worries- but I hope you get feeling better soon!