Friday, November 13, 2009

Untitled Confectionary Project part 3

I'm still searching for a good quote...

Over the years, Emma pushed the ‘stay-here-forever’ rule. This had never happened before and so she figured there was no harm in pushing her limits. You see, when you step in to ‘Ms. Darling’s Delectable Delights,’ the cozy feeling is in fact not just the heater. It was always Ms. Darling’s precious secret, but when Emma’s… incident occurred, she had to tell Mrs. Dollie. - That is, as soon as Ms. Darling became conscious again.

“In my store,” she said hesitantly, “there… is… a...” Ms. Darling didn’t know how to spit the words out! “… a…. special thing that happens.”

“Oh really? What is that?” asked the new mother as she gazed into Emma’s baby gray eyes.

Ms. Darling chose her words carefully, “Magic.” Mrs. Dollie laughed.

“Don’t be silly!” she said chuckling.

“Well. How about we try it.”

Fair enough, thought Mrs. Dollie.

“I wish… for a lollipop as big as my head.” Sure enough as soon as Ms. Darling said that, a lollipop, as big as her head, materialized in her hand.

“That’s a great trick,” said Mrs. Dollie.

“You still don’t get it? Wish this, wish that, it happens in this store!” she cried. Mrs. Darling had always been a practical person and simply did not believe her.

“Fine. Let me try.” Said Mrs. Dollie. “I wish my husband could come back from overseas.” This is not going to work, she thought. They waited a few moments. Nothing. The only sound they heard was Emma’s quick breaths upon her mother’s shoulder. Suddenly and without warning, a hand bursts out of the 6ft high gum drop container that had been on display in the front window. The women both screamed, poor Emma started crying. They screamed louder when another hand burst out and a silhouette of a human began to climb out of the glass case. It eventually stopped because Mrs. Dollie recognized who it was and Ms. Darling was simply out of breath.

“I don’t believe this,” Mrs. Dollie said. Ms. Darling put two and two together.

“Oh! So you must be Mr. Dollie. Nice to meet you, I’m Ms. Darling. Welcome to ‘Ms. Darling’s Delectable Delights!’”

“Thank you?” he replied. He was very confused. One moment he had been in combat overseas and the next thing he knew he was surrounded by yellow gum drops! He was trying to figure out exactly what was going on when he saw his wife cradling a baby.

“Is that-?” he started to say.

“Yes.” His wife replied.

“Can I?” he asked.

“Of course.” Mrs. Dollie proudly handed Emma over to her father for the first time. Mr. Dollie held Emma gently. She won his heart immediately. For a second, Mr. Dollie forgot the way he arrived. He remembered as soon as heard Ms. Darling cough. He looked up quickly.

“Yes, right. So where am I?” he asked.

“Well as I said, I’m Ms. Darling and welcome to ‘Ms. Darling’s Delecatble Delights.’ -”

“Yes, yes I remember. But where am I?”


“Wildberry! As in where I live! Are you sure? How did I get from…” his voice trailed off. Ms. Darling saw the confusion in his eyes. The poor man! She felt it was best not keep him in the dark like this. She took a deep breath.

“ ‘Ms. Darling’s Delectable Delights’ is a magic candy shop and when you say the words ‘I wish’ your wish comes true and your wife tried it out by wishing you home and you’re now home so now she knows its true but she also knows that Emma is going to have to stay here forever because she wished that (figuratively of course) for Emma.” Ms. Darling gasped. Mr. Dollie sat down. Could this be happening… to him? No, he thought.

“Well we best be going now.” He said. “Thank you so much for all you’ve done. Take care.”

“But you can’t leave! It’s simply not allowed- it’s impossible!”

This lady is off her rocker, he thought. “Well, we will try our best,” he said with a smile. With that, he helped up his wife as he still had Emma in his arms and walked out the door.

“That’s strange.” Ms. Darling said. “How did they leave?”

The Dollie family was now half way down the street when they heard Ms. Darling call out, “How did you do that?” Mr. Dollie walked faster. They passed the school, the church and the grocery store before something odd happened.

“What the?” he said. He tried again. Whatever he did he could not pass Wildberry’s mail box. It was like an invisible wall was holding him back. Mr. Dollie couldn’t believe this was happening. Ms. Delight was (somewhat) right. They were able to leave the shop but only go this far. How far? One mile? Two miles? If only he had been paying attention to how long they had been walking. Mr. Dollie turned around to talk to Mrs. Dollie when he saw someone walking towards them in the distance. He squinted trying to make out a face. It was Ms. Darling. She was following with a pedometer.

“2000 steps.” She said to no one in particular.

“How far is that?” Mr. Dollie asked.

“5280 feet.” She replied. Mrs. Dollie looked at her anxiously.

“How much is that?” she asked.

“1 mile exactly.”

And that my friends, is where it stops. It's ashame isn't it.

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