Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Banter with Benton

I couldn't help it. I went to another Benton Paul concert with my dance company buddy, Janie. And can I just say it was wonderful? Because it was. Benton Paul was opening for David Archuletta, and as much as we like DA, we really only went for BP. His part was over WAAAAAAY to fast. We were sad. However, after the concert, we went out to Benton Paul's merchandise table where I purchased some rather snazzy customized earphones. "They're like Benton Paul singing you to sleep every night," so said his manager. "What more could I want?" I replied. I then asked the manager if BP was going to come out tonight and he said no. Mine and Janie's jaw dropped. That's why we came. To meet him! (again) "-But!" said his manager, "If you stick around long enough, he might just come out- but don't tell anyone." "We'll keep it on the down low." I said.

THE headphones

After quite some time of waiting, Benton Paul's manager and the even coordinator of the concert hall came up to us and asked, "What are you guys waiting for?" I looked at BP's manager and said, "Nothing..." Remember hush hush! He said, "You can tell her." So I did. "We're here to see Benton Paul." "Then let's go get him," she said.

This is about the time Janie and I started freaking out.

Then... Benton Paul came out with his manager, and a security guard and went toward the door. The plan was that those who were waiting would get their picture with him and then leave. I think everyone wanted to go home. Janie and I (along with several other girls I might add) followed him and we all got in line. After several attempts of meeting him (due to cutting in line-- which was totally fine with us. We could wait.) I said the first words, and you know? Here's the dialogue written out for you:
Me: "Is it our turn?"
BP: "I believe it is."
Me: "Good! Well we just wanted to say thank you for your music. We always love your concerts."
BP: "Well thank you. That's very nice of you guys. I'm glad you liked it."
Me: "Actually, I was able to go to your concert in Murray and so I was wondering if you could sign this picture."

BP: "Sure!"
Me: "Sorry if that's weird, like a picture of us." Dang it. I used the word "us."
BP: "No, not at all. I like doing this kind of stuff."
Me: "Oh good."
BP: "Should I sign on the back? Hmmm."
Me: "That'd be fine."
BP: "Oh wait. I'll sign in the gray area."
Me: "Okay."
BP: "Except in this picture you didnt' have glasses."
I was wearing nerd glasses.
Me: "Well.... that's because they're not real."
BP: "Well.... I like them."
Me: "Oh, that's good. K great. Can we get a picture with you now? It's kind of tradition."
BP: "Sure."
We take pictures with him and then we say thanks and are leaving when he says...
BP: "Thanks for coming to multiple concerts you guys."
Me: "Of course!"
and we leave.

Was that amazing? I think yes. So real. So fun. And now ladies and gents, here is the most recent photo with Benton Paul.

They say it takes the mind what, 15 times to see something before it remembers something? So I guess I have 2 down and 13 more to go until he remembers me. I'm game.


  1. You are so funny. I love Benton Paul also. Even if I'm an old lady:) And he said hi to me in the hall at the David Archuleta concert last spring right after his set. But, not as cool as that lengthy conversation and photo session you had!

  2. AWWWWWWWW how cute!!!!
    i am so jealoussssss!!!!! u r such a lucky girl!
    my convo wasnt as great as that, but whatever!
    so awesome!
    <3 taylor