Friday, November 27, 2009

Homework? Thanks but no thanks...

I'm amazed at the things I'll do when I don't want to do homework. It really is quite a talent. Let's see what I did today:

I took the world's longest shower. I sang every song I could think of. (Don't you wish you could have heard? Yes. I'm pretty sure my Mom wishes she didn't hear.)

I invented a new food. I shall call it dia de accion de gracias. (I think that might be Thanksgiving in Spanish.) The new food included stuffing from turkey day and a tortilla-- not from Mexico.

I ate it very slow.

I had a brownie.

I had chocolate raisins.

I went to my cousin's house and used her treadmill. (because I really can't run outside- I have to go to her house, and I have to drive the speed limit, and I have to make sure her little brother falls asleep soundly.)

I went tanning with my cousin and I had to wait a 10 minute wait. (That one was not my fault. There just weren't any booths open.)

We listened to the entire song of "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus before I got out of her car and into my house to do the dreaded task.

I checked facebook too many times.


I MADE SOME PHYSIOLOGY FLASH CARDS but then it was time for dinner.

I ate slowly.

I had more chocolate raisins.

I watched Sleepless in Seattle. (I do love that movie.)

I'm blogging. Right now. As we... speak.

Good list, yes? I presume I'm going to do a lot more tonight. Can't wait...

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