Monday, November 9, 2009

Untitled Confectionary Project part 2

Where there is great love, there are always wishes.

What is this crazy fad about candy you ask? It is simple. Emma Dollie was born in a sweet shop. Her mother had been on her way to the hospital when her car broke down. There was no Mr. Dollie for he was in the army, fighting over seas. However, Mrs. Dollie was determined to do all she could to get to the hospital and so she got out of the car and started walking. As determined as Mrs. Dollie was to get to the hospital, Emma (still inside at this point) was as determined to be born. The hospital was 56 blocks away. When the pain became unbearable, Mrs. Dollie took refuge at the nearest store, a sweet shop: ‘Ms. Darling’s Delectable Delights.’

“Excuse me?” Mrs. Dollie cried. No one answered and so she tried again. This time a very stout woman shuffled out of the back room.

“Hello, hello?” she said in a pleasant voice. As soon as she saw a lady in her sweet shop, ‘Ms. Darling’s Delectable Delights,’ giving birth, she gasped.

“Oh my goodness!” She immediately began rushing her way to the phone when she heard a baby cry. Ms. Darling turned around and didn’t soon forget the sight she saw. Before her lay an unconscious woman and a new born lying on the floor of ‘Ms. Darling’s Delectable Delights!’ In a flurry she ran to the young woman and crying infant. She wrapped the second-old babe in her apron hushing the child from crying and then attended the new mother. “Miss, Miss,” she said. The young lady opened her eyes. To Ms. Darling’s delight, she was smiling.

“Congratulations Miss. It’s a girl.”

“Her name is Emma- named after my Mother.”

“Oh that’s lovely,” replied Ms. Darling.

“You know, it feels so peaceful in this sweet shop, what is it? ‘Ms. Darling’s Delectable Delights?’”

“Yes” assured Ms. Darling

“Yes…” she continued, “I wish Emma,” she giggled, “yes my baby Emma could stay here forever because this is such a peaceful atmosphere.”

“Oh, that’s so ki-“ Ms. Darling stopped short. She was about to thank the new mother for the sincere compliment when she realized what the kind lady used to start her sentence. The two words that were carefully used in ‘Ms. Darling’s Delectable Delights.’ The words, ‘I wish.’ ‘Emma… stay-here-forever…’ were the only words that passed through Ms. Darling’s mind before she fainted.

to be continued...

part 3 coming soon.

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