Friday, December 4, 2009

Twinkle Toes

My advertisement proposal. Pretty legit eh?

My feet are going to be doing a little jig tonight. Um, maybe one, two, seven, eight, nine, or ten jigs. But no matter, I invite you to come.


Timpview High School Auditorium
7 pm $5 admission

It's going to be rather amazing, I think. Perhaps I'm biased but I think I'm allowed to be.


  1. Well, I'm officially sad. I did not realize you had your concert until I saw the post later. I heard though, from sources, that you were amazing and stood out as one of the best dancers on the stage. I knew that. So sorry I missed it. Perhaps Spring concert?

  2. Oh no worries! Whoever your source is, is exaggerating a little :) But thank you.... and I will most certainly let you know about the Spring concert when I myself know about the Spring concert :)