Saturday, May 2, 2009

Green Finch and Linnet Bird, Nightingale, Black Bird

So I'm on my way to my dance concert (which was excellent by the way) and before I explain, let me just tell you I'm a people watcher. What can I say? I just like to look at people- so I look over to the car to my left and the man in the passenger seat flips me the bird. I am sorry for the image I just put in your head. I know it is very graphic therefor, my apologies. But what in the world?! Good glory did I deserve this? No. No one deserves a birdy.

At first I was a little upset but then I started laughing. Truth be told, it's a little funny. And who knows what he's been through today? Maybe a tornado blew down his house. So yes, he was as of then homeless. When I looked over at him he thought, 'She has a house. I'm jealous.' and the rest is history. Or maybe he was just cracking his knuckles in a peculiar (and I repeat) peculiar way. Wait I've got it! In his mind, it is opposite day. So instead of gesturing something that is very inappropriate, he was gesturing, 'Hey! You look like a nice person. Let's be best friends forever!' Yah that's it. I like the way that man thinks.

So if that's the case, birdy man, I forgive you.
love always,
your bff, sasha

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