Wednesday, May 27, 2009


One of my favorite parts about working at the water park is the reaction to the slides. I'm not a mean person but the man screams are so funny! Apparently, men over 200 lbs. are in no way allowed to scream on the slides. They act macho and tough BUT IT HAPPENS! aha! It's like I catch them off guard and it's sad but I know they're enjoying it.... plus I can't help but giggle a little. Would you like to know what they sound like? Like this:

aaaaaaahhhhH! with the capital 'H' at the end.

One of the best moments today happened on a slide with three drops. a young girl and boy went down the slide together. On the first drop there was a girl scream and a boy scream. Typical. That's perfectly normal. However on the second drop there was a girl scream and a... girl scream. It made my entire day! The fact that he forgot for just one moment that stereotypically he had to be all manly tough was great!

What a day.

I bet you wish you worked at a water park for five hours a day.

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