Friday, May 8, 2009


2:13 pm: Race out of English. Run to locker room. Change into all black and head upstairs to dance studio A.

4:05 pm: Leave studio exhausted and overwhelmed.

4:45 pm: What was that dang song called? 'Should I Go?' by Brandy. Thanks Christine you're a life saver. ;)

5-8:00 pm: Practice combo over and over and over again. Don't feel great about it by the end but hope for the best. I'll just practice at lunch.

9:00 pm: American Idol time! Don't go Allison!

10:00 pm: Lights Out! 4:45 am is going to be earrrrrrrrly

2:13 pm: Race out of science. Head to the locker room. Change into all black and head to Dance Room A.

2:30-4:oo pm: Final dance auditions. Across the floor; turn combo, leap combo, dance combo. Well at least that could have been worse, right?

4:00 pm: "If I call your number stay for call backs." Please don't call my number, please don't call my number. "... #18, #21..." #21?! What?! NO! Why did I even try out for this? Good glory.

4:15 pm: Perform dance number. Yikes that was stiff.

5:00 pm: Home. Shower, dress.

7:30 pm: Choir Concert

11:00pm: Ni-night! Tomorrow's Friday. huzzzah!

2:15 pm: Head to practice room for The Proposal rehearsals.

3:05 pm: Rush out of rehearsal and head to dance door for the list that was posted.

3:06 pm: Heart pounding. All I need is Dance 3. I just need technique. Know the basics. Ok. Dance 3 is great. Calm down. Don't expect anything else. Why are you even nervous? As much as you love dance it's not like your DEEPEST desire is to be a prima ballerina. Oh gosh. How many stairs are there?

3:07 pm: Check Dance 3 list. Oh ok. Eyes wander up to Dance Company list. What?! What?! Is this a joke?

Folks. Last name on the list is mine. Can you believe this? I can not. I still can not. I was not the best dancer there. I was not even close. D-co? Yikes. I am super excited but super over whelmed. Next year is going to be FANTASTIC.... I think. I've auditioned, signed up, or applied for anything I can next year because I wanted to be busy and involved. Well I guess I got my wish.

the list

The Year of 09-10 consists of....
  • Physiology. Good Glory. I'm excited to learn but this is going to be intense.
  • A Cappella
  • A Cappella council perhaps? (I applied for secretary and to be on the activities committee and I guess we will see what happens! Although, I don't think I'm going to be so bummed if I don't get in it now.)
  • Drama
  • Fall Musical, Spring Play, Region/State Competition, Advanced Drama Plays maybe???
  • Dance Company school class
  • Dance Company AFTER school rehearsals
woah. When I write it out, that doesn't even look too busy. It looks manageable! Sweet! Therefor, Franklin and Covey here I come! I'm going to need a planner badddddddd!

Finally, thank you so much to my dance teachers Sarah and Lindsey for giving me this chance. I won't let you down! I will dance like, like.... the wind!! Yes the wind.

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