Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Today I went to the dentist. Why is the waiting room so gloomy? I was sitting in there looking around at the worried faces, listening to the occasional drill and thinking about my day when it suddenly occurred to me-- should I be scared of what is about to go down here? It's just a cleaning but my gums ALWAYS bleed. When Dixie the hygienist came in to clean my teeth I told her about my bleeding gums and she responded by saying,
"Well, that's probably because you don't do it enough."
touche i guess.
But guess what happened? I bled, I gushed! It hurt.

Oh well though. That was nothing compared to what happened next. She had me swish water around in my mouth and I still do not know what happened but for some inexplicable reason, the water exploded from my mouth right on to my lap.
I laughed.
Dixie did not join in with me.

oh and one last thing. The suction thing that you stick in your mouth is INSANE. The whole time I don't know where to put it and so I tried several places (top, bottom, side to side) and every place I put it, it made weird noises and so I'd quickly move it but it would catch my tongue and practically rip it out. And once I felt like I couldn't breathe and I got dizzy.

Good glory. Who knew the dentist was so dangerous?

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