Monday, June 22, 2009

Papa Day

Yesterday was Father's Day and I failed to blog about it. Goodness me. Better late than never Dad, I love you.

Dad's in the middle.
Don't the 80's look like fun?

I love you because...
  1. you give me mints every sunday
  2. your goatee is multi colored
  3. your hair style has never changed in all the years i have known you
  4. you have a restaurant chain named after you
  5. your name is SO cool!!!
  6. you are theatrical
  7. your clothes. i like your clothes
  8. i don't know a harder worker. seriously.
  9. your car makes a cool sound
  10. you play hymns from your laptop
  11. you play 10 songs every sunday on the piano
  12. your ties are awesome for rolling
  13. you let me borrow your jeans whenever i want to be a gangsta
  14. you love your siblings
  15. you love your parents
  16. you love your in laws
  17. (subconsciously) you love your pets
  18. you love your daughters (that's me!)
  19. you love Mom
  20. you're you
You know when people say, "I have the best Dad in the world!" Well I have the best Dad in the world. Thanks for everything Paps. You're great great great.

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