Saturday, June 13, 2009


It's celebrity crush time.
And the winner is.......


It's John Krasinski, known on TV as Jim Halpert in my all time favorite show, The Office. I hope he never ever finds this because he will think I'm a huge creeper but say for a minute he does read this, let me just make a shout-out.

Dear John Krasinski,
I am not a creeper.
Your biggest fan

Now that that is settled I am moving on. I have decided that it is A-ok with me if he marries Pam (from The Office) or me. You know what? Emily Blunt can marry him too. They are dating as of now. Isn't that super sweet???

Now, I do not have a picture with him and therefor, I cannot post one (since I am one of his choices for matrimony) -- and you know? Actually, I think that proves I am most certainly NOT a creeper. So there.

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