Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Feel Good Movie Friday!!!! I am aware that it is Thursday but I am just too dang excited to start the tradition, so here we go!!!

To be quite frank, I feel so completely dumb for posting this post just after I posted an entry on my celebrity crush but sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. So basically, I just watched He's Just Not That Into You. Wow. LOVE IT-- for so many different reasons.

And ladies and gentleman, here is the list:
  1. Not everything works out perfectly in the film. I am not a downer but good intentions end up good and bad intentions end up bad. Karma. Not comeuppance.
  2. The movie is intertwined and all nifty. Each character's life knows another character who knows another character... etc. It was brilliantly written and well made if I do say so myself.
  3. Most importantly, I think every girl can identify with one of the main girls. They're all so completely different that it's hard not to. Here they are:
  • Anna: guy magnet who learns that is not always a blessing.
  • Ben: married. unfaithful. the end.
  • Beth: she has been in a relationship for 7 YEARS. 7 YEARS!!!! and sue her for wanting to get married. Good glory. Ben Afflek is my favorite by the way.
  • Neal: Cannot commit to marriage.
  • Next is Janine. She is married but her marriage is struggling.
  • Mary is a technology expert but that's the only way she ever chats with guys. Never face to face!
  • Conor: in love with someone who does not and will not love him back.
  • Alex: he thinks he's a guy expert and knows everything about flirting and dating.
  • Last but not least, we have Gigi. She is crazily desperate to find her true love but has simply had no luck whatsoever.
Found one you can identify with? I know I have.

Mary, Janine, Beth, Gigi, Anna

So yes. There is the magical list.

If only all men were required to watch that movie, they would understand what us girls have to deal with. Stress, anxiety and an everlasting hope that the guy will call back! I mean, where is the love?! Ummm, no pun intended.

All I'm saying, is that if you are a man or even a woman for that matter... so anyone: you should watch the movie. It will give you a new way to look at things, hopefully for the better. I learned a few things and I hope you do too.

oh! and there is a book too. My sister says that is AMAZING-- if not even better. Can't wait to read it.

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