Wednesday, June 24, 2009

yep that's me.

Jump On It is a place here in Utah, absolutely full of trampolines.
I am TERRIFIED of trampolines.
"So why did you come to the party?" asked one of my friends.
For the social vibe of course!!!!

Well thankfully I did not die or anything via I am writing this right now. But trampolines scare me because I don't want to... fall, fall off, fall on someone, or have someone fall on me. That sounds legitimate right? Well apparently not, because everyone around me was doing front flips and back flips and they even had little boards attached to their feet so it would be like skateboarding... (I think that's the idea.)

I think America's Funniest Home Videos did this to me. Have you ever seen that show? I mean, have you ever seen the trampoline clips. I cringe just thinking about them.

Please enjoy this youtube video of AFV trampoline clips. Occasionally there are subtitles (in a foreign language) and red lettering that comes across.

PS a word to the wise: don't jump on trampolines, eat sun chips, and then jump on trampolines again. Gross.

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