Sunday, August 8, 2010

You're Only A Day Away

the remaining members from last year...

Tomorrow is the first day of.... DANCE CAMP!
I'm very excited for this year's
(a moment of silence for last year's please...)
yet also dreading it a teensy, weensy bit.
Only because I'm a lazy bum.
And I can't remember how to dance...
I haven't danced all summer...
However, for the most part, I'm ridiculously excited.
I'm like a four year old little boy on Christmas waiting to open his present from Santa Claus which he happens to know is Hot Wheels!!!
Because I firmly believe that ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING.
Take that ya haters!!!
(That's not directed to any particular person, I promise. I'm just saying it in general...)
There's been an annoying amount of '...' (dot, dot, dots) in this post.
It's quite peculiar....

ps. you can read about last year's dance camp experience HERE if you so desire... So much has changed since then! It's crazy...

Alright. Enough with these '...'. My sincerest apologies.

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