Thursday, August 19, 2010

*I am normally a very hygienic person, I promise*

I suppose I should tell you about Californ.i.a. However, I think I will do that another time. Right now I will tell you why I am awake. It is 6:07 am and I am tired. I didn't got to bed til 1:30 last night! But for some reason, I cannot sleep. And I think I know what reason this might be...

Last night after my festivities which included watching the greatest movie on earth... You've Got Mail, I entered my bedroom, made a bee line for my bed and laid down. And oh my stars, it felt AMAZING. Too amazing in fact because I did not want to get up from it... so I didn't. But that was bad because I didn't change into my pajamas, wash my face, brush my teeth- NOTHING. Whoops.

*I am normally a very hygienic person, I promise*

So I fell asleep on top of my covers.

But THEN, this morning, I woke up for a few minutes because, you know, that just happens sometimes but I am normally able to fall back asleep. But not this time because I couldn't stop thinking about all the things I didn't do last night. And all of a sudden, I felt nap nasty. So I had to do the unthinkable. I had to get up, out of bed, wash my face, brush my teeth, and change into clean clothes. Then I felt so much better! But too bad I couldn't go back to sleep afterward... oh good gravy.

The prices you pay for cleanliness.
I miss sleep.

ps. a little sneak peak of the photos from CA.
Isn't my G'pa a cutie?

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