Saturday, July 18, 2009

Woe Is Me

Oops... I did it again. My deepest apologies my dear friends. I was busy yesterday to say the least and I did not post a Feel Good movie Friday. (It's kind of okay though because I didn't watch any movies I was passionate about this week)

But let me tell you why I was busy. It starts out at about 2:50 pm. My aunt, very graciously, offers to drive me to work. So we're outside on my drive way when she says, "I can't find my keys." Uh-oh... After a five minute search all through the house and with no luck, my Mom ends up jumping in her car and driving me. (I should probably add that they did find the keys... eventually) When I get to work, I end up starting in my least favorite slide as it is directly in the sun and it was about 102 degrees. Fahrenheit. Holy hotness. After 30 minutes of unfortunate heat, I rotated to the next slide where I was forced to turn away little boys who were only two inches off from the height requirement. I am pretty sure I am on their naughty lists.

this is how frustrated i was

At the top tower I dealt with many a jerk who did not care about safety. That makes me angry. I'm trying to keep them safe. They are looking for thrills and have no respect for anyone but their thrill seeking buddies. Not a good combination.

On my break, I learned that the girl I asked to cover the shift directly after mine that day (I was working a double) had called and told me she decided to go to a party instead. Therefor, during my meant to be air conditioned break on a comfy couch in a trailer, I ended up standing outside in the hot sun making phone calls to everyone who wasn't already working. None of them could do it. None. Except my favorite phone call was to a young man who told me "I have family coming in this evening." That's totally fine. I completely understand. I'm not a heartless person you know? But here's the catch. A quick 30 minutes later, I head back to my slide only to see the same young man get in line for my slide. I don't think he saw me working it. (because if he did, he would have run away. Fast.) When he got in his words were, "You're probably wondering why I'm here." Uhhhhh yah.

On our last rotation I dropped my favorite lip gloss down the slide.
And got stung by a bee.
It hurt.
But it didn't end badly! Don't you worry. I got someone to cover my shift- a little late but oh well. Thank you kind sir, for making my terrible day a little less terrible. Almost good.

i bet this bee's brother is the bee that stung me

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