Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stadium of Fire

Wow! How was everyone's Fourth of July? Mine was AMAZING. I am going to cut to the chase and tell you, I WENT TO STADIUM OF FIRE!!!!! Basically, it is a huge concert and fireworks show and it was fantastic! Guess who the special guests were this year. Just guess!

JONAS BROTHERS! Best concert ever! My friend Mary and I went together and it was simply magnificent. I really don't know what else to say about it because it was the most fun I have had in forever!!! yahoo mountain dew.

So we got to the stadium and the first thing we had to do was get Dippin Dots ice cream for Mary. Sweet. Next we found our seats. Check. After waiting for twenty minutes, the show started. Hooray. But the Jonas Brothers took their own sweet time coming out but when they did! Boy was it amazing.

It went like this, the dancers finished and as all one million of them were running off the field, music started to play. And it built, and built, and built, and built, and built, and built until the finally came running out and started to sing! I was insanely excited, I wanted to jump up and down and all around! But I didn't. I was well behaved the entire time! What a day, what a day, what a day! The only words I can say that suffice would be 5.

  1. I
  2. Love
  3. You
  4. Jonas
  5. Brothers

pictures courtesy of mary

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