Sunday, July 12, 2009

C is for cleanse

polaroid from 2006.

Hello my friends.

So! After having three brownies just now (because sometimes I loose count) and feeling like pudge, I have decided to go on a cleanse. Don't you even worry!It's not one of those 'grapefruit juice' thing-a-ma-jigs, it's a real, honest and healthy one. YAHOO MOUNTAIN DEW! -that is not allowed by the way.

It's called, the 28 Day Cleansing Program. My sister did it in January and though it was tricky, she said it felt great. So you may be asking why I have decided to tell cyberspace of my health ambitions... well that way I will stick to it. Yes? Yes. That's the plan anyways.

oh but I cant forget to say this! I may have to do the '14 day Cleansing Program.' I have dance camp in two weeks and I may need to eat more substantial food than nuts, fruits, veggies, beans and tortillas during the week. Basically, bring on the pizza.

Wish me luck!

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