Friday, July 24, 2009


Well it's a miracle. (Better late than never) I remembered it is Friday. Which means... it's time for a movie review.

And the winner is, Princess Diaries. I LOVE both movies. (1 and 2 -- yes I'm cool like that) and I think I'm going to watch one tonight. Why do I like them you ask? That's easy! Because of Miss Anne Hathaway. (I have so much respect for her) Also, who doesn't love the fact that she didn't know she was a princess until her 16th birthday. (There's hope for us all)

I was 9 years old when it came out and I saw it in theaters- which was a real treat. After Anne Hathaway's transformation I specifically remember leaning over to my Mom and whispering, "Is that the same person?" I could not believe permed-glasses-Anne Hathaway was the same as straight-haired-contacts Anne Hathaway. It was amazing. (Plus I had a HUGE crush on Michael)

As always, I have to throw in a pitch about... the book! I love ALL of Meg Cabot's work. They are fabulous pre-teen books. Actually, I wonder if I will like them now that I'm older. I'm going to have to give it a try!

So in conclusion my dear friends, if you have not seen it, (1 or 2) please do. It will make you laugh at least once.

I promise.

THE michael

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  1. I saw Michael live in concert and i was like 6 feet away from him!