Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Blue Fairy

Yesterday, my Daddy and I spent mostly the entire day going car shopping
While at Disney, my goal was to save up for a car of my own and after going to 10+ dealerships and looking at at least 100 cars, we found this little beauty. 

I am so in love with it!!!!
Dodge Caliber
New engine and transmission.

I am so grateful for my Daddy who helped me and directed me towards good, reliable cars and helped me get the best bang for my buck during the nasty negotiation process.
I know he doesn't like buying cars but he sure did an awesome job!!!
That man has the patience of a SAINT.
I am so blessed.
Thank you Daddy, I love you.

In the photo above I am showing my Sorcerer Mickey antenna topper.
It's my Mommy's but she is letting me borrow it since it matches perfectly!
And it fits in with the name of my car:
From Pinocchio, of course! 
(Gotta keep it Disney).

I am so excited to finally have a car of my own!
Throughout my entire driving career, I have borrowed my parents cars and they have been SO KIND to let me do that. Whenever people needed to be more places than we had cars, they would always work something out, and for that, I am so grateful for them.
Thank you Ma and Pa!
You guys, my parents are the best parents in the entire world. 

Also, thank you to my sister Keke for taking these lovely photos. 
While doing our little photo shoot, without me knowing, she also snapped this little beauty:

Isn't she just gorgeous?!

And last but not least the ONE TAKE WONDER jumping photo.
That's right, this was our first and only jumping picture we took.
Keke's just that good.
And if you look extra closely, you might see a little surprise in the back.

If you ever see a blue Caliber tootling around Utah County, it's probably me so be sure to say hi! 
I look forward to seeing you!

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