Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Learning Center

I know I've mentioned it but I don't know if I've officially announced it...

I have a job!

I am the evening receptionist at The Hobble Creek Learning Center in Springville.

I feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity and am oh so very grateful for it.

My roles include answering phones, scheduling appointments, sending emails, printing flyers, and watching a couple little kiddos during the extended care hours. 
(The extended care hours part is my favorite. I like to get on the ground and play with the kids rather than just supervise.)

I wish I could take photos of the entire school because the environment is incredible! 
It's so colorful and warm; a perfect atmosphere for the children.
Need to put a child in preschool or Kindergarden? 
Give the center a call!
(Maybe I'll answer the phone!)

Anyway, here are at least a few photos from the front entry way when you walk in: 

What you see as you walk in the door. 
Oh and you see me too!
From the kiddos perspective who play with the toys beside my desk.
From my perspective. What a nice mac!

One of my favorite parts of my area is the big paint pallet and paint brush.
Hobble Creek Learning Center, this is Alex, how may I help you?


  1. Dear Alex,

    I think you're just the cutest!! My dad showed me your blog a long time ago & I just love seeing you as a Disney Princess! I'm back at BYU now and I want to see you and your family and Uncle Kenny's family soon!! Let's get together?! Text me or call me or something :) 714-267-4841

    Love, (your cousin?) Julia :)