Sunday, October 13, 2013


For over a year now I have wanted to change my hair color.
Unfortunately though, I couldn't because I didn't have access to a hair salon while I lived in Florida.
So I was patient (but spent the majority of my time on Pinterest searching 'hair and beauty' in the search for the perfect hairstyle and color).
Ladies and gentleman, my patience paid off because a few days ago I went from this....

to this:


Check out the layers.
That's a new thing for me.

A special thanks to JOSEPH PATRICK of JOSEPH PATRICK STUDIO for being patient with my hair for EIGHT hours while meticulously bleaching, deep conditioning, highlighting, low lighting, and cutting my hair (all while making great conversation).

It feel so short!
But also super healthy.
Which is important, right? 

I am definitely a happy girl.
(And I'm beginning to think blondies really do have more fun).

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