Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's simple days like these that remind me life is good.

What. A. Day.
I believe this is how all Sunday's should be. (No work on Sunday's is divine.)
I was blessed to have the opportunity of seeing some friends I haven't seen for a while, as well as catch up with some family members who are normally pretty dang busy during the week (or who live elsewhere).

The day started with picking Curbs up to go to Stu's mission farewell. (If you didn't see the post about Stu, he's going to Lansing, Michigan for two years. He leaves on Wednesday. Ahh!) In that meeting, Stuart made me CRY. That's right, his way with words is inspiring and his testimony floors me. Good for him.

After the meeting, I visited with some good friends (Chris and DJ), and then took Curbs home. However, before he got out of the car, I made him take a few pictures with me. Why? Because I hadn't seen him in 3 and a half weeks, that's why! I sure missed him so it was good to catch up.

Fast forward to Dano and I at home, eating super healthy lunches (sarcasm, in case you couldn't tell), to spilling our guts out for about 4 hours straight. Can you believe that? We were really just chatting the whole time. From that I learned two things:

1. My sister's awesome. (Well, I already knew that obviously but this pow wow reaffirmed it once again to me.) And...

2. Time truly does fly when you're having fun.

After a scrumptious dinner prepared for by Mama, Dano obliged me in letting me take pictures of her... and isn't she beautiful? My favorite is below:

It just seems so Dano to me! Especially accompanied by the light snowfall. Her smile is refreshing to my SOUL.

Following the shoot, Keke and Dare Bear came over to our home, where we exchanged cutie-patootie Valentine's day cards and candies. (I am officially sugared out as of this moment.)

After that, we sat around the fire and exchanged stories from our childhoods and ladies and gentlemen, I don't think I've laughed that hard in MONTHS! How funny are little kids? And how much funnIER is picturing our loved ones do stupid things as kids?

After Keke and Dare Bear left to go back home, Mama, Paps, and Dano agreed to watch Harper's Island with me, a super scary mini TV series resembling the plot of Agatha Christie's novel, "And Then There Were None/Ten Little Indians". Gee wilickers it's intense! And though my family aren't as big of fans as it as I am, they were sure awesome to give it a try with me!

And that brings us to now, my friends
. I am sitting on my bed, typing this blog post and wondering how I got so lucky in this life to be blessed with such wonderful people. If I've mentioned you in this post, I for sure love you. If I haven't... I still for sure love you. Basically, unless I've ever said, "I don't love you," you can pretty much assume you're on my favorites list:)

Thanks to all those who made today special.
It's simple days like these that remind me life is good.

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  1. You are a blessed girl and we love you for all the things you do. Keep up the good work.