Thursday, February 16, 2012

All You Need Is Love.

My Valentine's Day was a bit of a rough one this year. However, instead of focusing entirely on the negative, let me share with you some of the positive as well.

It started off by being greeted with this lovely surprise from my dear, sweet Mother who is incredibly talented in many areas but especially in arts and crafts. She made the gift bag carrying the Valentine's Day themed candy corns. Isn't that spectacular?! And you should see the cards, scrapbooks, and boxes she can make. Seriously. It's incredible. Thank you Mama!!!

The 'roughness' started at about 11:30am when a certain young man knocked on my door to say goodbye for two years.

(For those of you who don't know, I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and in our church we have what you call, Missions. These missions are served by young men who are 19 years of age and are optional for young women who are 21 years of age. In these missions, these young men and women, go out all around the world and preach the gospel while giving service to whomever they might happen in contact with. It is such a blessing to both the individual serving, their families and friends back at home, as well as those who they meet.)

It was wonderful to quickly catch up, finalize plans and give hugs, but then, quick, like a band-aid, Stuart left with the words, "I'll see you in two years, pal."

I strongly believe in the work Stuart will be doing, my sister Dano served a mission in New Hampshire about year ago, and my dear friend Coryn is currently in Paris, France serving a mission. And though I believe in its goodness, it's not easy to say farewell. However, it's a common occurrence here in Utah county and life goes on.

With that said, I had to buck up and go to school.


That evening, I arrived home at 8:15pm, got in my onesie, and started homework. That is, until the doorbell rang. My Mom answered the door to find these beauties, as well as a ginormous heart cookie (don't worry it was devoured entirely by yours truly that night), and a card from a "Secret Admirer."

Despite the 'anonymous-ness' of it all, I knew who it was and immediately called him on the phone and ordered him to turn around and come back to my house. Being the wonderful young man that he is, he did just that and we were able to talk, laugh, and cry (I cry all the time these days, I don't know what's happened to me) for four hours straight. It was the perfect ending to an emotionally draining day.

And who was this secret admirer, do you ask? In case you don't already know, it was this handsome fellow:

I'm grateful for such wonderful family and friends and hope your Valentine's Day was a little bit more formal than my own. Why? Because, love is a splendid thing, love lifts us up where we belong, all you need is love.


  1. Sweet girl, you are one of the loves in my jar of hearts. And how well I remember being your age:) Such a lovely, yet "bittersweet" time of life. Hang in there.