Monday, August 12, 2013

The boyfriend's family came to visit me.

Guess who took a vacation to Florida this summer.
My charming boyfriend's family!
No, the boyfriend was not in attendance as he is still on the mission but that is okay!
I consider his family to be my family and how sweet of them was it to pay me a visit!!

L-R, top to bottom
Brother, sister, Dad
Nephew 1, Mom
Nephew 3, Nephew 4
And how could we forget the sweetest little baby, Niece 1.

We rode lots of rides while waiting for the rain to die down. That's right, it POURED while they were here. How sad! But that didn't bother the boyfriend's family. Despite the weather, they had a positive attitude. Honestly, that was probably my favorite part of their visit.

Of course, we ended the night by watching the special July 4th week fireworks.
God bless America!

Thennnnn about 12 hours later (the next day) they visited Belle in France which was SO kind of them to do especially because it was pouring (again--shocker) and they were all so exhausted! However, I do know that it meant THE WORLD to Belle that they stopped by. So from her to me, THANK YOU, boyfriend's family. I sure do love you guys and feel so blessed to have you in my life!

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