Thursday, August 15, 2013

(PART 1) My sister came to visit me.

The greatest thing happened, pretty spontaneously, a few short weeks before my program ended. MY SISTER CAME TO VISIT ME. It was such a fun-filled 4 days, here are photos from the second (the first was kind of a half day when she flew in, arrived at our lovely resort, then went straight to visit Ariel in her grotto). 

On this beautiful, sunny day we went to the one, the only, Magic Kingdom.

We rode lots of rides:

and I was able to introduce Dano to some of my Floridian friends! 

Lindsay. "Call Me Maybe"
Robert. He's like 6'7. Nbd.

More photos to come of the rest of our days soon! 
Be excited.
I know I am.

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