Friday, August 23, 2013

Ali, Anni, and Shelly

 I feel so blessed to have such amazing best friends. 

There's Lindsay (pictured below) who I met in Florida. 
The other day she told me that about the second time she met me, I told someone at church that my name was Piper Jemimah and she knew she was in for quite a crazy ride. 
But I'm so grateful she stuck out that crazy ride with me in Florida because she is my ginga ninja!

She's a crazy talented artist and is majoring in Animation at UVU.
Her singing voice sounds like what I think an angel's singing voice sounds like.
Like me she also has two sisters, however she is the oldest (where I am the youngest).
She is the Just Dance Queen.

And then there's Chris
I met her my sophomore year in high school but we had different friend groups so we never hung out. All I knew was that she was a pretty blonde and I wished I had her face.
Then, junior year, we both made Dance Company and as the only juniors on it at the time, we stuck together. ("BRICK WALL!")
Senior year: we were co-presidents on but we still never hung out outside of class or rehearsals. It wasn't until the end of senior year where she asked me, "WHY ARE WE NOT BEST FRIENDS?" And to be completely honest, I had no idea why not. 
She makes me laugh SO DANG HARD.

She's rad. And a smartie pants. That's why she goes to BYU.
Her legs are like 4 ft. long and if I could, I would steal them from her.
This Summer, she went to Europe on a study abroad and did pretty much everything on my bucket list.
Her favorite movie is 'She's the Man' and she can quote the entire movie.

 The other day, I introduced them to each other.
I know. I know.
Combining two worlds into one?
But guess what. 
Since they're both amaZING (only Linds and Chris will get the emphasis on that), they got along absolutely swimmingly and do you know how happy that makes me?

So I made us take a couple photos-- or 40. 
Here are my favorites.
(Thank you, Papa, for being our lovely photographer!)

This is our ode to Gossip Girl.

"Princess Pose"
I love them so much! And truth be told, we have too much fun together. 
Wanna know what happened last night?
No, you don't. 
I will spare you the details, except for the tiniest insignificant detail that we had one or more noise complaints filed against us. 
So publicly, I just want to apologize to my red headed stunner but also thank her for a memory that I will not soon forget!

I love these ladies!
And I can assure you that you will be hearing about them a LOT more in the future.
Stay tuned!

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  1. They sound like true friends with all the right qualities!