Friday, August 16, 2013

(PART 2) My sister came to visit me.

The second day of playing was at Hollywood Studios. 

We met a couple characters:

The Green Army Man

Jake the Neverland Pirate.

And got our faces painted because it's totally normal to walk around with a painted face at the happiest place on Earth. It's lovely.

And of course we rode rides, this one more than most:

What is not pictured is the hour it HURRICANED. Truly, I have never seen rain so fast and furious. It was raining sideways! But that didn't stop us from having fun! Did you know Hollywood Studios is my second favorite park (after Magic Kingdom). I love the shows, the rides, the old jazz music that plays down Sunset Blvd... ah. It is my happy place. If you haven't been before, I highly recommend it. 

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