Friday, May 25, 2012

98 days.

After a horrible, no good, very bad day at work...

 [But at least I've been labeled a 'real server' by my co-workers because I've bawled in the work place.... (You see, there was a gentleman today who was very unhappy with his grits and let me know about it in an extremely loud and may I say, rude, way? After listening to his complaints, somehow I made it to the kitchen before the tears started flowing like Mt. Everest + severe global warming, in which Susan, my 'server mom' (so labeled by yours truly), gathered me up, told me to breathe, and delivered new grits to the guest, with a little piece of her mind. (Can you believe that?! Oh goodness, that's why I love her and therefor have adopted her) She saved the day, that's for sure].

... Hmmm where was I? Oh yes! After this wretched day, I came home to find this beautiful paper chain hanging up in my room, counting down the days until I move to Florida.

Though I am absolutely terrified to move away so far from home in a mere 98 days, when times are rough, I like to think about Florida and the many new experiences I hope to have while I'm there, and things seem a little bit better.

Basically, my Mom has tuned into that and is therrefor just the absolute sweetest and made my horrible, no good, very bad day a little bit better. So thanks Ma. And thanks man with the grits. (Just kidding).

I love you. ...Mom-- not the grits man.
(In case you needed some clarification.)


  1. The thing about "bad" days is there usually aren't two in a row!

  2. Grampa Grumpy Grits, we shall call him. The original 3G network. Sorry about the mean people. Glad you have nice ones around you, too.