Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We're All Handymen At Heart

This morning I sanded the patio.

Goggles...? Mmm. Yes please.
Wait, let me rephrase that:
This morning I sanded about a foot of the patio.
Maybe sanding isn't the best thing for a perfectionist, but all I wanted was the wood to be a perfect color.
It is hard work.
I don't know how my Mama does a little bit every day but I do know that there is a lot of work ahead of the Agle Family.
But don't anyone worry because,
we're all handymen at heart.

My assistant. (He's a very good sander.)


  1. I like how you spelt (tee hee) perectionist. Wax on wax off doesn't quite work on real wood does it?

  2. Oh gosh, thank you so much Uncle Kenny! It is fixed as of this very minute. Haha oh brother.

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  4. You are my blogger inspiration. You're the blogger guru - you you! I get the mermaid, but what's the 93?

  5. Awww Grandma you are so sweet! Thank you very much, that means so much to me. And I was born in 1993:) Also, recognize the picture at the top? It's from your lovely pool!