Monday, March 14, 2011

life is full of surprises.

2 months ago tomorrow was the best birthday of my life. In fact, I think I said that in my birthday post. I don't know why it was so amazing but it truly was. It was joyous and warm and loving and I couldn't have asked for better or more caring family and friends. And yet, a mere 58 days later, so much has changed.

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Don't you worry, I still have an amazing family and amazing friends. But a lot of things are different. And that's okay, life is full of changes. But I don't like that life is full of surprises. You see, I didn't exactly see it coming.

But I should have.

One of the most important things I have learned from this, thus far, is to not take anything for granted. I have done that way to much in my life. And thinking about it pains me. If I could, I would rewind. But unfortunately, I cannot. So I say to you, sweet reader of mine, don't do what I have done. And if you have, or if you do, join me in changing the habit and maybe just maybe we will be able to see the blue skies once again.

I love you.
I love you all.
Thank you.
Sasha Beth xxx

ps. favorite song at the moment? someone like you off adele's new album. take a look at the link on the side. i can't stop listening to it. i can't tell if it's doing more harm than help for me at the moment but right now, i do not care. it's beautiful. and beauty is worth it to me.

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