Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 1: Hate

Okay so this is kind of a sad first post to start with because then y'all will think I'm a hater. But I'd like to think that I am not. However, I've been trying to decide what to write here and it's a little bit difficult considering I can't differentiate between the things I hate and my pet peeves. Because I think they are different. However, perhaps I am wrong. So I think I shall simply make a short list of pet peeves/hate... stuff. And you can decide which is which.
  • road rage
  • thiefing (yes, theifing, not theives. because i don't necessarily hate the people, more so just their actions... but sometimes the person.)
  • whole milk
  • drama (not theater, drama. ya know, like in the real world.)
  • stubbed toes
  • nails on a chalkboard (classic.)
  • dead batteries
  • cheap commercials
  • toe nails
  • screamo music
  • donuts (both the food and the driving trick.)
  • hang nails
  • peer authority
  • sarcasm (moderation is best.)
  • not being able to decide what to eat
  • loud nose blowers
  • know-it-alls
  • school (yeah, i have a bad case of senioritis right now.)
  • chapped lips

And that is all. Well, probably not all but a huge amount, don't you think? Goodness, I sound like such a grumpy pessimist but I try not to be, honest.

Anyway. Stay tuned for day 2! It's a happy one, I promise.

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