Sunday, March 20, 2011

keys keys keys. keys on van nuys.

Last night I made a late, unexpected, though very much needed, Farr's run. This is a cozy little ice cream and frozen yogurt shop about 30 minutes away from my abode. It was a lovely, little adventure where I was able to enjoy my Honeyberry yogurt along with strawberries, kiwis, passion fruit juice balls, yogurt covered raisins, and two animal cracker concoction.

When the night was coming to a close, I searched my purse for my keys and was about to say 'goodbye' when I realized they weren't in my purse after all... After several frantic searches through my purse and a visit back to Farr's to retrace my steps, I ended up calling my mama who then came up to rescue me with her set of keys.

Sorry for the trouble Mama, but thank you for not leaving me outside the ice cream shop and therefore, saving my life! I owe you big time!

Love, Sasha Beth

ps. in my purse was a camera. as i was turfing things out, in search for the lost keys, i gave a couple things to curtis to hold-- the camera included. and so, evidently, part of this traumatic episode was recorded. literally.

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