Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where I've Been...

Thank you so much to all who came! It always means so much to me.
Also, thank you Mama for helping out so much with the dinner, tickets, and sales. You are amazing.
And finally, thank you You are all so talented and so beautiful. It is my privilege and honor to dance beside you.


  1. Wow! I wish Grandma and I could have been there. Just from the photos I could tell it was amazing!
    It is so wonderful having such fantastic, talented grandchildren. I love you so much,

    Grandpa Agle

  2. I see the picture of the program cover could be grandpa and me wishing we could be those young kids again dancing, but only in my dreams could I have ever done that. You look so beautiful and accomplished. Well done. Great pictures. What a beautiful girl you are! Would you allow me to post those pictures on the family blog? Love, Grandma
    g with you and someone else as the shawdow. We wish we were young and could dance like that. Ahhh me!

  3. This is a great post! I love it!