Monday, December 13, 2010

B is for Blosil

On Saturday night, I ate a few of my feelings (it was a little necessary) and then went to Battle of the Bands at the velour with my rippin rad sister Katie. Her friend Jen Blosil was playing. Once again, Jen Blosil. You're gonna want to write that down. She is amazing. She is going to be famous one of these days. This is her on the right. You think her hair is cool? Just wait til you hear her voice. It's unlike anything I've ever heard. And it makes my heart melt at times because it's so raw and beautiful. Yay Jen Blosil!
On another note, it was the second time I've ever been around purely college students like that and I have breaking news for the world... they're not much different than high school students. That's almost a bummer. But I noticed they're awkward, cliquey and a wee bit immature. I guess a magic change doesn't happen the second you get your diploma. Snap.
ps don't get me wrong. im sure they're lovely people. but my whole life i thought everything was going to be a different. surprise to me! nonetheless, im still a little excited to go to college. good things are awaiting. i can feel it.

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